A HISTORIC Walton landmark has been flying the flag of Ipswich Town FC to celebrate the club's very successful season.

Ipswich Town FC was promoted to the Premier League after securing 96 points in what was a remarkable Championship campaign.

The Naze Tower can now be seen with Ipswich Town's flag flying high at the top of the 86ft landmark.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Proud - the Ipswich Town FC flag on the Naze TowerProud - the Ipswich Town FC flag on the Naze Tower (Image: Michelle Nye-Browne)

Michelle Nye-Browne, 50, the current owner of the tower, decided to fly the flag due to her family's history with the club.

Her partner, Matt Chaplin, and her two kids, Niesje, 12, and Albert, 10, are season ticket holders and Matt has been a fan since he was just six years old.

Michelle said: "We have been flying the Ipswich Town FC flag from the top of the Naze Tower for a week in celebration of Ipswich’s amazing rise all the way back to the Premiership.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Support - Niesje Chaplin, 12, in an Ipswich shirt next to the flagSupport - Niesje Chaplin, 12, in an Ipswich shirt next to the flag (Image: Michelle Nye-Browne)

"I promised them that if they managed to get promoted then I would fly the Ipswich flag from the top of the tower, so I have.

"I also have been going to see Ipswich on and off since I was a teenager as they are one of the local teams. I think it might be a bit harder to get tickets now."

Visitors to the tower have enjoyed the addition of the flag so much Michelle has bought a bigger and better flag to fly.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Promotion - a closer look at the flag, with a view of WaltonPromotion - a closer look at the flag, with a view of Walton (Image: Michelle Nye-Browne)

Michelle added: "The flag has drawn lots of attention and I have upgraded to a bigger and better one after going to the Bank Holiday Victory Parade with my family.

"The public love seeing a different flag at the top of the tower and always ask about it, most people seem very supportive although there have been a few jokes about flying flags for other occasions.

"The Naze Tower is a striking heritage and cultural landmark and I love introducing new people to it - including football fans."