HAPPY Valley's A team have won the Windsor League for the fourth consecutive year.

The title hinged on their final game against Wivenhoe, who were in second place.

Happy Valley needed four points to win the league but came away with all ten.

The B team played Mistley and Manningtree, who were only able to field two rinks.

Results: Happy Valley A: J Wilson, G Woodhall and M Watson 17 Wivenhoe A 11; G Martin, B Leach and P Gale 21 Wivenhoe A 17; A Newell, D S Brown and P Halliday 23 Wivenhoe A 8; S Chumbley, P Burvill and L Freeman 24 Wivenhoe A 18.

Happy Valley B: R Smallbone, C Thomas and G Townsend 16 Mistley and Manningtree 18; L Canfield, B Pow and B Ward 10 Mistley and Manningtree 23.