HOLLAND Shore Boxing Club's Arnie Dawson lost out on a split points decision when up against Blake Binskin, from Kent-based PEJ ABC.

Binskin, who has lost on a split points decision when up against European silver medalist Joe McGrail, from Everton's Red Triangle club, came out fast, walking on to Dawson.

However, he was met with sharp counter punches as his opponent used the ring well.

Binskin kept his workrate going, keeping Dawson on the defensive to edge a close first round.

Dawson upped his workrate in the second, standing his ground as Binskin walked forward.

The Holland Shore boxer connected with steady combinations, winning a good round.

Going into the third and with one round apiece, both boys again met head on as both connected with hurtful shots to head and body.

Dawson, though, seemed to be getting the upper hand and looked to win the contest.

However, both seemed drained.

All three rounds had been close and it was Binskin who edged the win on a very tight split decision.