HOLLAND Shore Boxing Club's Blake Housman looked unlucky when dropping a very disputed split points decision.

He was boxing on a St Ives show, in Cambridge, and up against the host club's Michael Draper.

From the first bell, both boys tried to walk onto each other in the small ring, opening up with sharp, heavy combinations.

However, Draper was beginning to hold as Housman connected.

Going into the second round, Draper tried but was now being backed to the ropes continuously as Housman seemed to control the round with a steady flow of hurtful head shots.

Housman again kept a high workrate going in the third as the St Ives boy now seemed to be trying to survive.

Again, he stayed against the ropes for long spells, trying to hold and stop Housman connecting.

However, it was a surprised Draper who picked up a split decision win.