YVONNE Gough enjoyed victory when Gunfleet Sailing Club held their race for the Jubilee Cup.

The force four south-westerly wind had increased to a force five by the start of the race and it was Andy Dunnett, right on the Outer Distance Mark, in his Laser, that led the competitors on a port tack.

Just behind him were Harrison and George Smith, in their Topaz, and they shot off like a rocket.

Michael Gutteridge and Derroll Pedder headed out to sea on starboard in their GP14, forcing Eddie White to put in an unscheduled tack in his Laser to avoid a collision.

Then disaster struck the Topaz as the kicker strap fitting broke and the Smith brothers capsized.

This required the assistance of the club’s rescue boat which was on the scene in seconds.

Dunnett was first to round the windward mark and he headed back past the club on a run as he sailed up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy, staying close to the shore to minimise the negative effect of the freshly-flooding tide.

Gutteridge and Pedder flew their spinnaker on this leg, so gaining distance fast.

After the Kingscliff it was a beat to the AWS buoy before a short reach round the ODM and back through the line.

Unfortunately, White took the wrong course and was disqualified but at the end of the first lap it was Gough's Laser in first place, on handicap, with Dunnett second.

On the second lap, the positions changed and Dunnett took the lead but, on the third and final lap, Dunnett incorrectly completed the course and he too was disqualified, allowing Gough to claim the trophy.

The previous Wednesday evening Gunfleet held the third race in their Tony Chadd Trophy series with John Tappenden leading the fleet away in his RS Aero, holding this position as the boats rounded the Kingscliff buoy, followed by Ken Potts, in his Laser, and then Dunnett.

In the onshore winds it was noticeable that Potts sailed a little freer as they all headed out to the Seaward mark, gaining him a strong advantage.

Tappenden nearly lost his boat as they gybed around the buoy and Potts seized the opportunity to take the lead.

On the second lap, Rob Lockett took the wrong course but only wasted valuable time as he managed to still correctly take the official race marks in his detour.

Results: Tony Chadd Trophy – race three: 1 Laser – Ken Potts, 2 Laser – Andy Dunnett, 3 RS Aero – John Tappenden.