HOLLAND Shore Boxing Club's Arnie Dawson notched his second win in three weeks when stopping Westside's Kody Mellars at the London Community ABC show in Peckham.

The classy Dawson kept a high workrate going from the first bell as the lean Mellars used the ring well.

Dawson kept Mellars backed up, closing him down as both boys unloaded continuous combinations.

Going into the second round, Mellars began to slow his footwork down as hurtful body shots began taking their toll.

Dawson again began connecting and bullying the Westside boxer around the ring before a hurtful four-punch combination to both head and body caused Mellars to take a standing eight count to finish the round.

Going into the third round and totally drained, the Westside boxer still tried to stand and trade blows with the relentless Dawson but he was now being bullied all around the ring before another hurtful combination to the body.

With Mellars in total disarray and barely able to stand, a second standing eight count came from the referee who called a halt to the contest.

Dawson therefore won on a third-round stoppage.