A POPULAR sports club has received top marks from the very highest ranks for the quality of coaching it provides its members.

Clacton Bowling Club have five qualified coaches on their books who can work with beginners right up to improving the games of the most experienced players.

John McGuinness, who has been captain of the England team for the past ten years and is now director of coaching at Bowls England, praised the Collingwood Road outfit for their initiative.

“Coaching is an integral part of our sport and so important for both the recruitment of bowlers and helping retain existing members,” he said.

“The efforts shown by Clacton Bowling Club are over and above the majority of clubs and it is quite usual to only have one qualified coach in place.

“It clearly demonstrates a strong desire and enthusiasm to recruiting and retaining members at what is a long-established club in the community.

“The dedicated team at Clacton provides invaluable support and motivation for players of all abilities.”

Clacton have two level two coaches in Phil Cooper and Felicity Bailey. They were joined by three level one coaches – Pat Wernham, Brian Hobbs and David Mitchell-Gears – who qualified in February 2018 under the Coach Bowls Scheme approved by Sport England.

Cooper said the new coaches were put through a testing course and qualification which covered a wide range of subjects - and they will be put to good use.

“In reality, much of the coaching will be carried out with beginners in the sport looking for some help to get started,” he added.

“However, you are never too old – or good – to learn new skills and we are well-equipped to help all players at the club.”

Anyone wanting more information should contact Norman Bailey on 01255 220878 or email