WHO would believe we're now in the throes of winter?

Most days, the temperature hasn’t dropped below ten degrees.

It's not really conducive to winter fishing and so it's proved, with the warmer weather thornback rays being caught from beaches, boats and piers.

Walton Pier has had a good week, seeing rays caught from the top and sides of the pier on most day and night tides.

Sam Kennard landed a good ray on an evening tide here.

Whiting and dogfish are making up the rest of the catch, along with dabs and the very odd codling.

Walton Sea Angling Club fished their latest match here in inclement conditions.

They were greeted with rain and high winds, although this didn’t stop the fish from feeding, with plenty of whiting, dogfish and pouting making up the catch.

First on the night was Chris Mills, with 21 fish for 11lb 15.5oz, which included the heaviest fish of the night - a 1lb 10oz dogfish.

A close second went to Rob Tuck, with 27 fish for 11lb 15oz, and in third place was Doug Sadler, with 31 fish for 10lb 2oz.

The Walton and Frinton beaches are still catching hordes of whiting after dark, along with the odd thornback ray and school bass.

Colchester Sea Angling Club also fished Walton Pier for their pairs match and 17 anglers turned out to fish the flood tide.

The whole pier was open to fish and some opted to fish the top while other competitors chose the stem.

The fishing was slow for most, but one or two anglers did find some good weights.

The winning pair were Steve Yallop and Martin Close, with a combined weight of 21lb 8oz.

In second were Joe Dubiard and Bill Paquette, with 10lb 8oz, and third place went to Phil Buy and Vic Pearce, with 8lb 5oz.

The individual results were Steve Yallop, first with 20lb 3oz, Joe Dubiard, second with 9lb 2oz, Phil Buy, third with 7lb 6oz, Bradley Dart, in fourth, and Steve Isgar, in fifth, with 5lb 15oz.

The heaviest flatfish pool was shared between Joe Dubiard and Nik Highfield, with an 8oz dab.

The Holland and Clacton beaches are also seeing those whiting shoals and the odd thornback ray.

After dark will be the best time to catch a ray.

Try squid or bluey baits to optimise your chances.

Clacton Pier has come back into form, with thornback rays and reports of rays being caught on day and night tides.

There is still the odd dogfish to be caught, along with whiting.

St Osyth beach continues to see plenty of whiting and a few rays from in between the rocky breakwaters.

The boats have also been producing pretty good catches, with thornback rays being the mainstay.

Who would have thought that rays in the middle of winter would be the top catch.

There are still plenty of whiting, although they should be slowing down as we go into the new year.

There are reports of a few more codling showing this week, but I think the water temperature has to drop a few more degrees before there are any significant catches.

The high tides for the weekend are 4.53pm on Saturday and 5.55pm on Sunday.