HOLLAND Shore Boxing Club's Ronnie Ball scored a clear unanimous points decision when competing in East Tilbury.

He was up against Tyler Burton, from Kent-based City Boxing ABC, on the Smokeys Boxing Club show.

From the first bell, Ball's sharp hand speed gave Burton problems as precise left hands found their mark.

Burton tried to retaliate but was slow to react as two and three-punch combinations hit home.

Going into the second round, Ball kept the momentum going by controlling the ring centre and also kept his loose, classy combinations going.

With the third round underway and behind on points, Burton tried taking the fight to Ball.

However, he was met with stern resistance as both battled in the ring centre.

Ball then turned on the pressure, catching the Kent boy with heavy counter punches while running out a convincing points winner.

Also in action for Holland Shore, but losing on a very debatable decision, was Charlton Dragisic.

He was up against Blackbird Leys' Dane Simmonds.

Simmonds was tough and rugged but threatened more than he delivered while Dragisic used the ring well, scoring with single shots.

The first round was close but Dragisic worked hard while Simmonds trudged forward.

In the second, Dragisic was caught and hurt from a single left hand but battled back to share a tough round, showing lots of heart and determination.

Simmonds, although heavy handed, was totally taken apart by Dragisic in the third round as the Holland Shore boy opened up with continuous combinations from a distance.

Simmonds, in contrast, tired, with the eventual decision looking very strange indeed.

Also dropping a close majority points decision in Dagenham was Charlton's younger brother, Oliver.

He lost out on another close split decision when up against White Hart Lane's Joshua Sholoye.

Sholoye won a good first round, moving and using the ring as Dragisic threatened without connecting.

In the second, Dragisic shortened the distance to score with both boys getting involved, opening up with combinations to share another tough round.

The third round was all Dragisic, as Sholoye tired and had no desire but to hold as his opponent began connecting with heavy combinations to both head and body.

He certainly looked unlucky in losing out on a tight close split points decision.