SAM Ashford and Jack Newman are leaving Brightlingsea Regent.

The pair only joined in the autumn but manager Tom Rothery believes it is the right decision both for the players and his Bostik League club.

“Sam has only been back from injury for three games and says he isn’t enjoying it,” he said.

“Jack has said he doesn’t feel like his head’s in the right place to do himself justice.

“Unfortunately, both players have done ok in glimpses but they’ve both struggled physically and mentally to adapt to this higher level and all that comes with it.

“This league tests you more than the leagues below.

“It tests players, managers and coaches’ ability to deal with defeats, learn lessons and adapt and become better individuals.

“That’s why I personally think it’s probably a good thing they’ve chosen to leave.”

Rothery admits it has been a frustrating last week or so, having to fend off approaches from lower-league clubs for his under-18 and Academy players.

“Sadly, it seems some people can’t conduct themselves in the way I believe they should,” he said.

“At our level, the managers have more respect for each other and all levels should be like that.

“I often see people moaning about seven-day approaches and other things like that but then they behave in the same way.

“I find that peculiar, to say the least.

“In my opinion, you should always behave how you wish people to behave towards you.

“At step three level you get professionals and they behave in that manner, on and off the pitch.

“You do have that at lower levels too - a good example being Kem (Izzet) and Karl (Duguid) at Stanway Rovers.

“I understand football is perceived as dog eat dog but it doesn’t have to be like that.”