HOLLAND Shore Boxing Club's experienced Arnie Dawson showed plenty of heart and stamina when grinding out a tough, unanimous points decision over Westside's Kody Mellars.

Boxing on the Gateway show at East Tilbury, Mellars enjoyed a weight and height advantage.

However, the rugged Dawson let his ring craft show as he kept the lean Westside boy backed to the ropes.

The second round saw Mellars try to use the ring more but Dawson's foot movement and hand speed were a little too much for him as Mellars was now more content on survival after taking heavy head shots which handed him a standing eight count.

With Dawson now gaining momentum and his work-rate sky high, Mellars still tried trading blows but couldn't match the relentless Holland Shore boxer, who was connecting with shots to both head and body before another standing eight count helped Mellars survive to go the distance, although losing out on a unanimous decision.

Also on a winning run and gaining his second win in two months, Holland Shore's Tyler Ball gained a fine unanimous points decision when up against Harrow's Addison Henry.

With both evenly matched, Ball's left hand controlled a close first round as Henry tried to hold the ring centre, with Ball letting him walk on to sharp left hand leads.

The second was more even as both traded blows with fortunes swaying.

Now Ball was switching from sharp left leads to hurtful body shots, though, which were finding their mark.

Again in the third, the rugged Henry tried hard but the Holland Shore lad was again controlling matters with left hand leads before switching to heavy body punches as the Harrow boxer began to tire.

Ball ran out a unanimous points winner.

Also in action for Holland Shore was Ronnie Ball, who was up against another Harrow boy, Alex Hatcher.

He got off to a good first round behind long sharp clean punches and good footwork, controlling the ring.

Hatcher worked a little harder in the second as both boys began getting involved, opening up with combinations to share a tough round.

Again in the third round, both boys got involved, going head to head, but now it was Hatcher who maybe just kept the workrate going to edge the contest on a close majority points decision.