ARCHER Peter Hughes achieved the remarkable feat of a "three gold end".

He shot three arrows, one after another, into the gold during a recent target session hosted by the St Osyth-based Priory Bowmen Archery Club.

It qualifies him for a much-coveted national award from the sport's governing body, Archery GB.

The award can be claimed by longbow archers for hitting the gold with three arrows from any six-arrow end.

It must be shot from a distance of at least 70 metres.

That is rare enough but Hughes was shooting from 90m - close to the extreme range of a modern longbow.

The Holland-on-Sea archer hit the 24cm diameter gold in the centre of the target three times in his first six-arrow end.

Despite not hitting the gold again that day, he still went on to break his own club record, scoring 156 for the gent's long metric round.