(25-14, 25-19, 25-13)

Women's Super 8s

TENDRING'S first victory of the season came at the University of Essex.

They dominated from the start, leading by example and finishing the first set strongly to take it 25-14.

Key players Mechell Daniel, Emily Bell and player-coach Colleen King showed their efficiency and experience, hitting high percentages on the pins and leading the first set to an easy sweep.

In the second set, Oxford Students started stronger and more consistently, hustling for every point.

However, Tendring maintained their energy and focus all the way through.

Setter Molly Van Essen combined well with middle players Amelia Smith and Skye Gullatt, who produced an astonishing hitting and blocking performance, and they managed to take it 25-19.

The last set ensured the big win for Tendring, who displayed their dominance and control over the game.

Lois Chitticks, who was introduced in the setting unit, showed great setting and serving skills which helped Tendring lead 5-1.

The team’s resilience and discipline in defence, led by libero Lena Bitadou and defensive specialist Erica Caasi Morawski, assisted in keeping the ball alive and eventually taking the set 25-13.

The younger players in the team, Amy Lane and Charlotte Bontems, who were introduced in the last set, helped the team win the game and display great ethos and talent.

The MVP title was awarded to Daniel.

Tendring are looking forward to playing their Women's Cup second-round game against Rhinos at the University of Essex, on Sunday (12.45pm).