A PERVERT pensioner put his hand down a woman’s top on a bus and exposed himself to a teenager.

Ivor Eateen has been spared jail after admitting two counts of sexual assault and three of exposure.

The 79-year-old was spotted with his trousers down and performing sex acts on himself on Woodgrange Drive, Southend on various occasions in April this year.

On April 17, at around 1.20pm, he was walking along the road and a woman came by him in the opposite direction.

As she passed, he reached for her crotch area, but she twisted out of the way and his hand touched her thigh.

And he was spotted performing sex acts on himself by a 16-year-old girl on April 26. He said to her “come over here” as she passed.

The woman shared a video of Eateen on Facebook, which attracted the attention of police officers, and he was arrested.

However after he was granted bail, on May 2, also on Woodgrange Drive, he followed a woman onto a bus.

He initially sat across the aisle from her, but when the bus stopped to change drivers, he moved to the seat behind her.

The woman thought he was trying to see her phone, but then Eateen reached forward and put his hand down her top and grabbed her breast.

After Eateen left the bus she reported the incident to the driver.

Eateen, of Kursaal Way, Southend, was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on October 14.

Peter Clark, prosecuting, told the court Eateen’s victims had felt “anxious and fearful” of going out alone after the incidents.

One of them has also struggled to sleep and has been prescribed sleeping pills.

In a plea to the judge, Eateen said: “I would like to go home, I promise to behave myself.”

Recorder Claire Davies chose to spare Eateen from prison, as he has been in custody since May, and gave him a three year community order with 40 days of rehabilitation.