AMAZON is set to open up to 30 stores on UK high streets that won't have any checkouts.

The online retail giant has reportedly struck up a deal to open more than 10 Amazon Go convenience stores across the country.

The Sunday Times paper reports Amazon is also in talks to open a further 20 more stores but that talks are still ongoing.

The digital shopping giant today refused to confirm or deny reports.

It was reported that the first outlet could open in London by the end of the year after the company saw huge demand for online shopping in the pandemic.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Amazon has been scouting for locations in capital for about two years, but now appears to have pounced amid a growing number of vacant high street shops fuelled by the economic fallout of coronavirus.

Convenience stores being targeted for takeover are reported to be between 4,000sq ft and 5,000sq ft, which is larger than many of the “local” or “metro” sites of Amazon’s rivals.

The company is also reportedly “holding talks” with bosses of shopping centres to move into vacant units and turn them into bookshops or stores selling goods such as toys and kitchen utensils.

Amazon also refused to confirm or deny these claims.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Its Go shops work by instructing customers to scan a QR code on their smartphone at the door, which opens a small access gate.

Cameras and sensors programmed by deep learning software then track shoppers as they browse the aisles.

Every move and item examined on the shelf and put in their basket is recorded via computer vision.

Shoppers then simply leave the store, the bill is charged to their Amazon account and they are emailed a receipt.

The news comes as Amazon continues to thrive during the global coronavirus pandemic.

It revealed last week that global sales rose 40 per cent to $88.9bn (£67.9bn) in the second quarter as housebound shoppers ordered online in droves. 

In a separate venture, Amazon is also reportedly holding talks with shopping-centre owners to take vacant units for bookstores or for 4-Star, a shop that sells anything from toys to kitchen utensils as long as they are rated 4 and above on Amazon's website.