A GRATEFUL patient who spent TEN WEEKS in Southend Hospital battling Covid-19 has heaped praise on the wonderful medics who cared for her.

Teresita Eugenio, 49, from Southend, spent 74 days on a ventilator and sedated, and initially wasn’t making much progress.

At one point there was a real worry that she might not survive as she battled coronavirus on the hospital's critical care unit. 

The dedicated hospital staff didn’t give up, and neither did Teresita, waving her thanks to staff as she finally left the unit.

Teresita, who is originally from the Philippines, still has a long road to recovery.

Before being moved to her new ward to continue her road back to health, she said: “The staff are all wonderful. They have made this all possible.”

Her good friend Lydia added to that thanks.

She said: “They are all my angels, and my thanks are not enough. The family extend their huge gratitude as well.”

Senior Nurse Nina Hatch, one of the many members of staff who has been looking after Teresita, said: “In the past two or three weeks Teresita has turned a corner and started to make remarkable progress.

"To be able to deliver this news to her family has been one of the most rewarding situations for us.”