CAMPAIGNERS are demanding booze-free zones on beaches and the sea wall to reclaim Old Leigh from "hordes" of people who left mountains of litter following a party on Friday night. 

A petition on 38 degrees - a petition platform - is calling on Southend Council to act over fears of more antisocial gatherings in the Old Town as the Covid-19 lockdown eases. 

Ronald Sverdloff, who created the petition on 38 degrees said: "We want Southend Borough Council to agree to alcohol-free zones along the sea wall and in the beach areas of Old Leigh.

"Why is this important?

"Following the easing of the coronavirus lockdown, and before the pubs have reopened, the conservation area known as Old Leigh has witnessed hordes of people who have brought their own alcohol, sitting on the sea wall, drinking and then and throwing their empty bottles and cans into the sea.

"We think that this trend will continue after the pubs re-open, especially as the pubs will not be able to accommodate the same numbers of drinkers as before lockdown.
"We are also concerned that other aspects of antisocial behaviour that have been taking place, such as urinating on local private property, will continue at night after the pubs close their facilities, if people are allowed to continue consuming their own alcoholic drinks in these areas.

"We want this ban so that we can reclaim our lovely historic area for the ordinary daytrippers and tourists who visit our famous fishing village and who have recently been deterred by these antisocial gatherings."