THE number of people in Southend who have died from coronavirus has been revised down by public health officials following a review of data. 

Previously, Southend's death toll for coronavirus stood at more than 250 people since the start of the pandemic. 

However, data relating specifically to those who live in Southend borough has now revealed the number of people confirmed to have died stands at 138 up to May 21. 

The higher figure of 250 may relate to people from Rochford or Castle Point or further afield who died at Southend Hospital.

Southend Labour councillor Matt Dent said: "You will note that the death count has radically reduced overnight.

"Previously, the numbers reported had included all deaths at Southend Hospital, regardless of whether they had been resident in the borough.

"This data has now been cleansed, leaving only those deaths of Southend residents."

In an update to Southend councillors, public health bosses say: "Following the data cleansing of our registered death data to May 21, we have identified a number that are non-Southend residents which had been included in the total numbers.

"Southend Registration is required to report on all deaths in the Southend district regardless of where  the deceased are normally resident.

"Now we have access to all postcode data, we have undertaken a taxing manual exercise and we have been able to produce death statistics for those who live in the borough of Southend."