A heroic seven-year-old boy has bulk-bought toilet roll in support of the elderly amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Jimmy-Dean Hudson spent his precious pocket money on toilet paper for the elderly and will be doing chip shop deliveries to give a hand to those in need around Westcliff, where he lives.

His mum Tracy went along with him as he delivered around 70 loo rolls to their nearby elderly residents.

Tracy said: "We went to the supermarket on Sunday and there was no toilet roll in sight.

"We then visited our local shop that had loads and Jimmy-Dean just said 'Mum, lets buy lots and give it to the people who need it the most.'

"We got home, he packed a festival trolley with the loo roll and we headed out.

"We met some lovely elderly people who were taken aback by his kind gesture."

She continued: "One elderly man in his 80s was telling us how worried he was and how in the war they didn't have this panic buying and communities pulled together to help and not be greedy.

"Jimmy-Dean has used his own money to fund this - he doesnt get a set amount just as and when.

"He does have some pocket money left but its going towards his next idea of buying snacks and drinks for local paramedics at Southend Hospital.

"I'm super, super proud of him, and he really has put smiles on many faces.

''All of his family, friends and school teachers are so proud of his kindness."