A THUG who attacked his girlfriend so brutally she was left battered and unconscious has been locked up for 13 years.

Michael Norfolk subjected his partner to a vicious beating in August last year at their caravan in Thorney Bay Caravan Park, on Canvey.

The 28-year-old had called his partner, aged 24, angrily accusing her of cheating on him, claiming to have seen a video of her dancing with another man.

He came to the caravan and continued his accusations, despite the “video” never existing.

During the incident, which happened on August 25 last year, the woman became frustrated with him and threw a bottle at him, which smashed on the floor.

She crouched down to clear up the glass, and this is the last thing she remembers before waking up in Southend Hospital.

Her parents were alerted to her injuries by phone call. As they went with ambulance crews to the caravan, they found her lying on the floor.

Her eyes were said to be closed and swollen to the size of tennis balls, with blood around her mouth.

Norfolk had fled the scene and was arrested the next day.

Initially, Norfolk had denied the attack claiming he had been at the caravan when it happened but did not know how she got the injuries.

However, in January this year he admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, saying he had kicked the woman in the head as she was cleaning the shattered glass.

She suffered fractures across her face, lost teeth, and had a bleed to her brain.

Norfolk appeared at Basildon Crown Court for sentencing today, where he was lambasted by Judge Samantha Leigh.

It was revealed that he was previously sentenced for a domestic violence related assault in 2006.

In mitigation, Norfolk admitted he behaved in a “disgusting way” and that admitting his actions are not acceptable was “the first step on a path of remorse”.

Judge Leigh said: “The photographs of her injuries are no less than horrific.

“She was clearly a tiny build lady, and from the photos I have seen of you on your messages you are much larger and muscular.

“To say you pummelled her is an understatement.

“You then had the nerve to say you were present but did not know how she was injured.

“I have absolutely no hesitation in finding you dangerous. You do pose a serious risk in the future.”

Norfolk will serve at least 13 years behind bars.

When he is released, he will spend another five years on licence, meaning any misdemeanor could result in him being recalled to prison.