PRIMARY school pupils saw their day run slightly differently when one of the school’s Year Five pupils was made head for the day.

West Leigh Junior School held a school election in line with the country’s elections, to raise awareness of democracy and current events.

Alex Miller won the election which saw him fulfill his role as head, taking over from John Lear, and deliver on some of his campaign promises.

Mr Lear and Alex even swapped attire for the day to fully immerse themselves into their new roles.

Candy London, assistant headteacher, said: “Alex did brilliantly.

“He was so friendly, good-natured and professional. He took it all in his stride.

“Alex said it was the best day he’d ever had in school.

“He said his favourite bit was when the ladies in the office brought him in tea and biscuits while he was doing some work at his desk.”

Children were treated to games in their English and maths lessons, an extra afternoon break and an exciting whole school art project which saw pupils show what they love about West Leigh.

Alex, nine, started his day completing a full health and safety check of the school with Mr Silver, who was extremely impressed with Alex’s questions and attention to detail.

He then entered the staffroom to address the full staff and fill them in on his plans for the day.

This was a very daunting experience for Alex, but he managed it well.

Following a phone call with Mr Richard Queenborough, head of learning and teaching, Alex went on a learning walk around the school, looking to see how well children were enjoying and engaging with their lessons.

Alex then typed up the findings and shared them with the staff.

Alex also delivered an assembly to the whole school with Mrs Cheryl Woolf, executive headteacher and chief executive officer of the Portico Trust Academy.

Alex was also in charge of break duty and helped to cover the office staff lunch.

Everyone at the school commented on what a fantastic headteacher Alex made - Mr Lear might need to watch out.