PATIENTS have been battling endless tailbacks in a bid to make it to appointments on time at Southend Hospital.

A barrier at the entrance to the main car park has been broken for several days, causing large queues to form as people try to get into hospital.

Patients have been battling unexpected delays when they arrive at the hospital, causing issues and sparking rage from those trying to make it in time to collect relatives or make appointments.

One patient told the Echo it had been broken for at least four days, although the hospital claimed it was just two days and that it had been repaired on Sunday.

Carol Wright, of Nicholson Road, Benfleet, contacted the Echo to say: “One of the barriers to the main car park at Southend Hospital has been out of action. Surely this should have been prioritised to be fixed immediately.

“The queue along the road has been horrendous, causing massive tailbacks and aggression from some people trying to get to their appointments on time.

“The car park is expensive enough without the added inconvenience of this.

“We are constantly being told a lot of the money is for maintenance of the car park.

“So why the delay on the repair? This could end up causing a serious accident.”

At the start of December, plans were lodged by the hospital to build a ring road on site to improve access for patients and paramedics.

The internal ring road has been pitched as a way to help the hospital and cut congestion on surrounding roads.

During peak times, motorists are creating “dangerous” conditions as cars queue along Prittlewell Chase to get into Southend Hospital’s car park. The broken entrance barrier has only compounded those issues.

A spokesman for the hospital said: “One of the barriers to the tower block car park, accessed from Prittlewell Chase, was out of action for two days this week and has since been repaired.”