A SPEEDING driver who was caught THREE times told police another man was driving his car on each occasion.

Muhib Meah submitted paperwork falsely claiming a former colleague was driving a car he hired when he was caught speeding on the A127.

The 37-year-old was caught out three times - two during the same journey - in 2018 driving more than 10mph over the speed limit on the stretch of road near Basildon.

In the first instance, he was caught doing 62mph in a 50mph zone, while in the second he was doing 58mph in a 40mph zone.

On the third occasion, he was doing 30mph in a 20mph zone

Meah, who was renting the BMW vehicle at the time, panicked when he received the fines from the rental company, and, on the advice of a friend, filled in the forms saying a former colleague - who only held a provisional driving licence - was the perpetrator.

This man was then summonsed to appear in court on nine charges of unpaid speeding fines. He phoned the court to say it was a mistake and that he could not drive and had no knowledge of any of the offences.

This led to a police investigation which traced the paperwork back to Meah.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Meah, of Leigham Court Road, London, appeared at Basildon Crown Court on Wednesday to be sentenced.

He wore a grey suit and fought back his emotions as his crimes were detailed.

The court heard Meah was under considerable financial stress at the time and saw his actions as a quick way out of putting more pressure on his family.

Sentencing Meah, Judge Andrew Hurst said: “Your former colleague was pursued by the police and eventually summonsed to court for nine charges, which were nothing to do with him.

“It could have had serious consequences for him financially and for his future driving ambitions.

“You did not care about him, you only thought about yourself.”

Meah was given eight months in prison for the first count, and three months for the other three counts, to run concurrently, meaning he will serve a total of eight months.