MINDLESS vandals trashed a train carriage over a busy weekend.

Furious commuters blasted idiots who dismantled seating in a carriage.

The Greater Anglia train arrived in Southend Victoria in a state that shocked passengers.

Becky Hilson, 33, from Southend, said: “I saw the carriage and was in total disbelief. I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life.

“We can’t let people do this, I think it’s disgusting what has happened on the train.

“It meant that we couldn’t use this carriage, I think we could do with someone checking these trains more regularly.

“It’s terrible that it was left in that state, it must have come from London Liverpool Street Station in that state.

“I think we pay enough for our train tickets and this should mean that we have a good and decent service and decent facilities.

“I can’t understand how this has happened. The thugs who did this need to be caught and dealt with very soon.”

Brian Potter, 45, from Southend said: “Gangs of youngsters seem to think they can do what they want these days and commuters have now suffered.

“It is disgusting that people are going about their daily business trying to get a train but can’t because some violent yobs destroyed a carriage.

“It would be great if the train firm does a bit more about making sure their trains are in better condition. It shouldn’t have got so far without being fixed in my opinion, I can’t believe that none of the train line staff were aware of the damage.”

Bosses at the train line say workers quickly rectified the damage when they became aware of it.

A Greater Anglia spokesperson said: “We think that this vandalism might have occurred once the train left Liverpool Street as it was not reported there and we would not want to put a train into service in this condition.

“Our train presentation team was able to rectify the damage caused by vandals who created this mess on Saturday night once the train reached Southend, so luckily, there was no need to take the train out of service which would have inconvenienced many of our customers.

“We work very hard to keep our older trains clean and in good working order, and we are in the process of replacing them with brand new trains that will hugely improve passengers’ journeys. We would urge anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour on our trains to text British Transport Police on 61016.”