A DISTRAUGHT mother says her young children were left petrified and shaking with fear after being injured by a dog as they played on the beach.

Mollie Cooke, 25, of Clacton, was enjoying a day at the beach on Saturday with her friends, family and daughters Kaisie-Louise, six, Sophie, two, and Emilie, one.

The seasiders’ pleasant afternoon turned sour, however, when two of her three daughters were injured following an incident involving a large brown dog.

According to Mollie, both Sophie and Emilie were knocked down by the dog in the Holland Haven area and Sophie was also bitten and her leg was left bleeding.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“I had left my sister to go and pick something up and while I was on my way back I had a phone call to say my daughters had been attacked by a dog,” added Mollie.

“My sister was with mine and her children at the time and tried to get all the children out of the dog’s way.

“Sophie was crying and shaking with fear and even now when a dog goes by she is petrified.

“It was a really lovely day until it happened.”

The dog, which was on its lead, is believed to have been owned by a woman who was running along the seafront.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Mollie added: “She ran away with her dog with no care whatsoever.

“It is absolutely disgusting and we are gobsmacked at how this lady has taken out her dog that jumps up and attacks people without any warning.

“The children did not approach the dog, they were happily playing with the sand.

“There was a man behind her who stopped and said he saw the dog jumping out at loads of people along the beach.

“If anyone else was unfortunately hurt by this dog please report it so we can try and prevent this from happening to anyone else.”

Mollie says she has reported the incident to Essex Police.

The force has been contacted for comment by had not responded at the time of going to press.