PROVIDING gloriously panoramic views of the district’s beautiful coastline, Clacton’s newest attraction is a welcome addition to the seafront.

Towering over Marine Parade, the Pavilion Observatory Wheel is a 30-metre high structure which has already proved popular with seasiders and visitors alike.

After taking her family on the ride, for example, Clacton resident Kate Cronin branded it “astonishing” and said she came off “buzzing”.

Unveiled roughly two weeks ago, the extent to which the wheel can become a seafront success will be perhaps best measured during the peak summer months.

On first impressions, however, having enjoyed a ride on the attraction, I believe it could well become a staple of the seafront and catalyst for tourism in Tendring.

Its 24 gondolas can collectively accommodate 144 guests at any one time and many of them have been adapted to provide wheelchair access.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

The big wheel’s main selling point, of course, is its ability to offer up stunning views of Clacton – fitting giving it has been installed to mark the town’s 150th anniversary.

Each ride costs £4 and lasts for roughly six minutes, in which time guests can marvel at the district’s spanning coastline as they revolve, elevated above the town.

For some day-trippers and residents, being afforded less than ten minutes on the wheel could feel like a rushed experience.

During my ride, however, which can be viewed above, I found the time limit provided to be a sufficient period in which to enjoy the views and take pictures.

Speaking shortly after the official launch last Saturday, Billy Peak, owner of Clacton Pavilion, said he hoped the wheel will attract visitors to the town.

Giving the ‘wow-factor’ it gives off, felt even when simply driving past, seeing day-trippers flock to ride the wheel on a scorching summer day will not come as a surprise.

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