On June 23, 2016, 52 per cent of British people voted to leave the European Union. 

Those among us who could see how disastrous it would be for our country were called Remoaners or Project Fear. Now all the things us Remoaners said would happen are reality.

The majority of our right-wing press won’t publish any of this so people are still blindly claiming Brexit as some sort of triumph.

The Tory Party brag about wonderful deals with India and Australia but any benefits from these nowhere near account for the £1.3trillion lost in the City as banks and financial services shift operations to Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin, taking 7500 employees with them and creating 2,850 more positions in the EU.

How about our carbon footprints on the planet? Trading with countries the other side of the world is going to cause more pollution than with our closest neighbours.

The whole Brexit campaign was based on lies.

£350million a week going back into the NHS which was splashed all over the bus was a lie. They even admitted it.

Last-minute negotiations were all about the fishing industry. Instead of helping them the fishermen have been badly let down, being paid £23million in compensation. 

We are unable to sell our shellfish to the EU which is the main market. Not to mention problems for farmers and dairy and processed meat exporters.

We are now no longer allowed to fish for cod in Arctic waters after a failed deal with Norway, which was an automatic right while part of the EU. Your fish and chips will certainly go up in price now I’m afraid folks!

Theatres and musicians can no longer easily tour in Europe.

There’s a shortage in seasonal and hospitality workers. According to the Financial Times the British haulage and logistics industry faces an acute staff shortage and looming crisis for industrial and retail deliveries.

Then there’s Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson said in an interview with Sophy Ridge from Sky News there would be no border in the Irish Sea and no checks. If anyone was asked to fill in a form they were to phone him and he would tell them to put it in the bin.

I don’t know how he has the nerve to say the borders are ludicrous after nights of violence in Belfast when it was he who signed the deal creating borders.

I hear people moan that the EU are being difficult. Well, I’m afraid that’s what people voted for. When we were in the EU we helped write the rules for third countries, we then voted to become a third country and now we don’t like the rules for third countries (a James O’Brien quote).

Boris Johnson got Brexit done like he said he would, good old Boris I hear people cheer. He got a deal, it’s a lousy deal and it’s nothing like the deal we already had with the EU.

Brexit was all about saving the Tory Party and not what was good for our country. It will take decades, if ever, to sort this mess.

Polly Brown