Across the district residents cast their ballots yesterday in what was dubbed 'Super Thursday', but this morning we are still waiting for the results in the Maldon district.

We are currently awaiting results for the results of two seats up for grabs in the Maldon district.

Essex County Council are due to announce the results later this morning.

There is also an election for the post of Essex police, fire and crime commissioner.

Here's a reminder of all the candidates standing in Maldon:

Essex County Council:


• Jacqueline Brown (Lab)

• James Eley (Lib Dem)

• Peter Horscroft (Ukip)

• Ron Pratt (Con)

• Wendy Stamp (Ind)

• James Taylor (Green)



• Colin Baldy (Lib Dem)

• Stephen Capper (Lab)

• Janet Dine (Green)

• Jane Fleming (Con)

• Kevin Lagan (Ind)

• Chrisy Morris (Ind)


Heybridge & Tollesbury

• John Driver (Lib Dem)

• Mark Durham (Con)

• Ann Griffin (Lab)

• Jonathan King (Green)

• Carey Martin (Ind)


Maldon District Council:

Heybridge East

• John Driver (Lib Dem)

• Wayne Frostick (Lab)

• Bruce Heubner (Con)

• Alan Outlaw (Ind)

• Richard Perry (ind)



• Robert Jones (Lib Dem)

• Debbie Keating (Con)

• Emma Stephens (Ind)

• Matthew Wallis-Keyes (Lab)


Heybridge Basin Parish Council:

• Anne Beale

• Rob Brysin

• Colin Edmond

• Bruce Heubner (Con)

• Martyn Hodges

• Keith Lawson (Ind)

• Lewis Schnurr