A JUDGE was left “sickened” by pictures showing the “horrific” injuries suffered by a woman who was bitten and punched by her husband of 26 years.

Thomas Doran, 45, flew into a drug and alcohol-induced rage after an argument at the couple’s home spiralled into violence.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard the father-of-nine grabbed his wife by the hair before pulling her into a bedroom.

She thought he was joking until he began to attack her, launching punches and sinking his teeth into her face.

Samantha Wright, prosecuting, said: “He bit her lip and pulled backwards, as if he was trying to pull her lip off her face.”

The victim tried to escape twice, including by running to a first-floor balcony and trying to climb over the railings, but Doran stopped her on each occasion and pulled her back inside.

Ms Wright said: “She then managed to escape for a third time, this time out of the back door.

“He chased her and she said she feared due to the frenzied attack that he was actually going to kill her.”

The court heard Doran rammed his wife’s head into a door.

A member of the public and two off-duty police officers, including a detective chief inspector, witnessed the pursuit.

Doran, of Gutteridge Hall Lane, Weeley, admitted one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court heard Doran has a long-standing alcohol addiction and retains the support of his wife despite the attack.

The court heard a letter penned by the father-of-nine, which set out his remorse.

He said: “I’m deeply sorry for my actions and the events that have led me to being in this situation.

“I now realise I have certain areas in my life I need help with, and I’m willing to do everything in my power to make a better person of myself.”

But Recorder Richard Christie QC told a weeping Doran he suspected there was an element of “crocodile tears”, as he had made no admissions or apology when confronted with the pictures of his wife’s injuries in police interview.

He said the injuries were “sickening” and sentenced him to 22 months imprisonment.

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