A HORSE is now on the mend and “making good progress” following a worrying health scare.

Azrah is a 26-year-old brown horse which is cared for and lives at the Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary, in St Osyth.

The animal safe haven has provided a home for more than 30 horses, ponies, cows, and a variety of other species for about 27 years.

Two weeks ago the stunning stallion was struck down with a painful and threatening condition called laminitis.

After an urgent trip to the vets, it was established all of the horse’s feet were being severely affected and a blood sample was taken to check for Cushing’s Syndrome.

Since then Azrah has been recovering back at the sanctuary and is now said to be slowly getting back to full health.

A spokesman for the Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary said: “We were gutted as we hadn't changed or increased his feed, nor had he been on lush grass.

“Our farrier Pete put supports on his front feet to try to prevent lasting damage and he has been on box rest and medicated.

“I am pleased to report that he is making good progress so far and we are hopeful his chances of recovery are good. Keep going the right way Azrah - we all love you.”