THERE are many places in the world which share a town name, but have you ever wondered how many other towns are called Colchester?

According to Geotargit's website there are eight places on the planet called Colchester.

Colchester can be found in three countries, with America being home to the majority of them.

Throughout the world there is one Colchester in England, six in America and one in Canada.

Here are the places in the world called Colchester:

Places named Colchester in America:

  • Colchester - Washington
  • Colchester - Virginia
  • Colchester - Vermont
  • Colchester - New York
  • Colchester - Illinois
  • Colchester - Connecticut

Places named Colchester in United Kingdom:

  • Colchester - Essex 

Places in Canada:

  • Colchester - Ontario

Have you been to any other Colchester apart from the English one? Let us know in the comments below.

According to Geotargit's website there are also 21 places in the world which have Essex in their name. 

There are also 35 other places called Walton, including 16 in the UK, and locations in Pakistan, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. 

Here are all the other places in the world with Essex in their name. 

Places named Essex in America:

  • Essex - Washington
  • Essex - Ohio
  • Essex - North Dakota
  • Essex - North Carolina
  • Essex - New York
  • Essex - Montana
  • Essex - Missouri
  • Essex - Mississippi
  • Essex - Massachusetts
  • Essex - Maryland
  • Essex - Iowa
  • Essex - Illinois
  • Essex - Georgia
  • Essex - Connecticut
  • Essex - California
  • Essex - Arkansas

Places called Essex in Jamacia: 

  • Essex - Saint Mary
  • Essex - Saint Ann

Places called Essex in Canada:

  • Essex - Ontario