AN otherworldly but somewhat unconvincing monolith has appeared in a quiet village, much to the delight of a curious dancing ape.

Earlier this week a mysterious ‘metal’ pillar covered by a sheet popped up in a field in Weeley, piquing the curiosity of residents and social media users.

This morning, coincidentally on April Fool’s Day, the tall structure was unveiled as a sci-fi monolith, which has since attracted an animated monkey man.

Located on a footpath near the Rainbow Nursery, the pillar has apparently landed on Earth in aid of the Save The Children charity and a collection bucket is positioned nearby.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Phillip Norris, from Weeley, is the man behind the monkey mask, and says the stunt was inspired by a scene in the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Mr Norris, who runs Rainbow Nursery, said: “I saw monoliths had been popping up around the world, so I thought it would be interesting if one appeared in Weeley.

“It is made of metal and I think it must have just landed there one evening. It is me dressed as the ape, but there are more monkeys than rabbits in Weeley.

“It was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and in that there are apes which discover a monolith.

“Younger people do not really know the film so do not really get the relevance of it, but they seem to love it.

“I have already raised £5.35, but I put that in.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: MONKEY MAN: Phillip Norris from WeeleyMONKEY MAN: Phillip Norris from Weeley

The April Fool's Day prank is one of many to have brought laughter and joy to people across north east Essex.

Visit Colchester this morning announced the historic water tower will be painted grey and soon feature a large slide so it more closely resembles an elephant.

Essex Police also jokingly claimed they would no longer be using police dogs because they are too heavy, so have now opted to use police rabbits instead.