The north Essex coast is world famous for its wonderful seafood and its famous holiday resorts of years gone by.

Our beaches and surrounding attractions bring in thousands of visitors every year and it is perfect place to get some fresh air for people who live locally.

But despite our coast's popularity, there are some visitors who haven’t quite enjoyed their trip to the coast as much as the rest of us.

Some have even taken to Tripadvisor to express their distaste and leave some pretty harsh - but hilarious - reviews.

Here are a few of the north Essex beach's harshest critics:

West Mersea beach

St Helena Hospice service of memory with planting of windmills on West Mersea beach followed by a walk..Walkers pass beach huts.


'Lots of dog poo'

Yellowbanker said: "People rave about Mersea but we found it very disappointing, prefer Dovercourt, Brightlingsea and Frinton, for an afternoon out.

"Toilet facilities very disappointing and dogs allowed to roam off lead going to toilet in the sand with no owners in sight.

"Saw lots of dog poo on the greensward too."

Titled - 'Mostly mud'

PAND1961 said: "Don't waste your time nothing there.

"Drove round in circles due to the lack of road signs.

"Will not recommend or return."

'Thick mud and sinking sand'

Lynda wrote: "I don't know where the lovely sandy beaches are at Mersea, all we found was thick mud and sinking sand? Never again!!!"

Despite the complaints of some West Mersea beach has a 4.5 star review average.

Frinton beach

Frinton beach huts.


'Dog toilet paradise'

Nadia said: "I am worried about Frinton beach there are a lot of flies this year and when sitting on the beach near the sea walls we often smell dog toilet this year?

"Is the beach getting more like a dog toilet paradise which is attracting these flies?"

Frinton has a very good 4.5 out of five review average with more than 500 reviews, so it is obviously popular with some.

Walton beach

Keith Spears took this photo of Walton Pier and nearby beach huts.

Picture: Keith Spears

'Dog poop at the Naze'

Graham wrote: "Avoid this place!

"The canines have pooped on the cliff top.

"An otherwise brilliant site ruined by dog owners.

"Dog owners must clean the mess and assume we all don't like dogs?"

Walton beach has an average review score of 4.5 with almost 500 reviews too so the majority seem to enjoy it.

Clacton beach

Busy - Clactons West Beach on Wednesday


'Too busy'

Sandiew1416 said: "It was week before school holiday, yet there were coach trips of kids, too busy for me.

"Toilets were signposted to end of pier and had to walk back holding a full dog's bowl and bottle water, then found a toilet located on beach."

Clacton beach has the most reviews of all of the north Essex beaches and an average of 4.5 out of five so we can understand why it might be busy...

Thankfully, harsh reviews of our coast are few and far between and there are plenty of positive ones out there.

Here are a few review which prove it:

Ziggy1973 described West Mersea beach as a "perfect hidden gem".

They said: "Cannot believe all those years going to Southend among hoards if people, and never discovering Mersea Beach until now!

"It’s small, quiet, just a few cafe’s and one pub/restaurant.

"If you want arcades and loud tacky shops and piers, this is not the place.

"If however, you just want to swim and enjoy peaceful family or couple time, this is the place."

Purple Moon Wolf obviously enjoy their trip to Frinton.

They said: "Clean, has dog friendly parts, I was serenaded by a man reading me poetry and you can find the best shells."

Elizabeth described it as "heavenly".

She said: "Such a beautiful quiet beach, dog friendly too. Still amazed this beach is untouched.

"Definitely worth a visit. Best beach I have been to in years."

Lisa loves Walton beach.

She said: "Beautiful, lovely sandy beach, very family friendly, clean, near toilets, refreshments.

"Love this beach, been coming here for a very long time."

Ray described Clacton as the "quintessential seaside town".

He said: "Enjoyed our first visit, quintessential seaside town. Found it very clean, good parking and great fish and chips."

If you fancy a trip to our wonderful coast you can find more information about the sites at