A DETERMINED mum is hoping to raise thousands of pounds so her little boy with autism can enjoy the benefits of a “life-changing” support dog.

Beau Bell, 5, from Clacton, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in January after nearly a year of appointments, tests, and hospital visits.

The young animal lover, who attends the Burrsville Infant Academy, struggles in social situations and can find it difficult to accept sudden changes.

He also does not like physical touch, daily routines such as brushing his hair and teeth, and can sometimes become emotionally distressed.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Mum, Sable Shaw, 27, who also has a two year old daughter named Talia, said: “It can be really challenging seeing him become so upset and distressed and sometimes I feel I can’t help him enough.

“I am his comfort and when he goes to school he is facing all of his fears and can sometimes just pretend that he is okay.

“But he does so amazing, and the school has been so good for him.

“They have been such a support system for us, and they have really adapted to his needs in order to help him.”

Prior to Beau’s diagnosis, Sable, who instinctively knew her son had autism, started conducting research and eventually came across autism assistant dogs.

After going through an application process the pair were invited to meet one of Support In Paws’ training puppies.

“It was so special to see Beau with the dog because they just played together and he was so care free, it was pure happiness,” added Stable.

“He loves dogs and animals and as soon as we left he was so excited and when we got home he drew a picture of him, the dog, me, and the lady who helped us.”

In order for Beau to be given support dog, which would be trained to his needs, Stable needs to raise £8,500 to cover the cost of the pooch and the training programme.

The mother-of-two has now launched a fundraising drive in a desperate bid to generate the money and change her son’s life.

Sable added: “The benefits are so great, and it could be life-changing for him.

“It would give him companionship and build his confidence.

“The dog would be allowed to go anywhere with us, and it would give him comfort in situations he struggles with.

“I am so happy he has been given this opportunity to have this dog because not every child with autism does not get this opportunity.

“It’s great we have got this far already, but we need to raise all the money by next April.

“Beau really wants to get a dog and has even said he will save his pennies.”

Sable has so far organised a raffle with businesses donating prizes and she is now working with Tree of Hope to help bolster her fundraising efforts.

To donate to Stable’s fundraiser visit justgiving.com/fundraising/fundraising-for-beaus-supporting-paws-dog