A WARTIME explosive was discovered in a small village by an unsuspecting resident before being safely recovered and disposed of by a bomb squad.

Colchester’s 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment was called out to Poplars Close, Alresford.

The alarm had been raised after a member of the public had reported finding what they believed to be a type of historic munition.

Upon further inspection it was quickly identified as an inert Second World War-vintage 1kg incendiary bomb.

The professionals soon established the ordnance contained no explosives and was recovered for safe disposal.

Although on this occasion the device proved to be of no danger, a spokesman for the Army stressed the importance of the public flagging any questionable finds they may come across.

He said: “We would encourage the public to raise the alarm if they do have concerns about any suspect items they find and not to touch them.

“It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Tendring and Alresford parish councillor, Gary Scott, lives in Laxton Road not far from where the bomb was found just after 11pm last Tuesday.

He said: “I am quite shocked a Second World War bomb was found, but I am pleased no one was hurt and it did not go off.

“I am very thankful as well the bomb disposal team were there on hand during a pandemic.

“It is quite a rare to find these bombs but you never know what you might find.”

The latest discovery comes just under three weeks after Second Word War grenades and a mortar bomb were found in Clacton town centre.

Unlike the device found in Alresford, however, one of the vintage grenades was confirmed as being live and potentially explosive.

As a result it had to be taken to be destroyed in a controlled explosion shortly afterwards, which some believe occurred somewhere along the seafront.

“It’s not the first time it’s happened,” said nearby resident Amanda Peters, speaking shortly after the detonation.

“But a heads up about it would be useful so we don’t end up running around like headless chickens.”