A ROAD has been temporarily closed after reports of drivers making "dangerous" attempts to avoid resurfacing works.

Ipswich Road north is closed in both directions while Essex Highways completes the work, with plans to reopen the road before the weekend.

The authority said vehicles had resorted to travelling the wrong way around the Ipswich Road roundabout.

Essex Highways said: "This was causing a major safety concern.

"Traffic heading southbound to the roundabout was in direct conflict with traffic wanting to head north.

"We made changes to attempt to resolve the issue however many vehicles did not obey the road closure, no entry and diversion signs in place, leaving us with no option other than to close the road fully.

"We have tried alternative options to install traffic management in a safe way to carry out these works whilst maintaining one way traffic and so ease traffic in the area, but due to a number of incidents we have had no choice for public and worker safety."