A GENEROUS refrigeration manufacturer has donated a state-of-the-art feed room worth thousands of pounds to an animal charity in need.

Paula Mockford is the owner of Scandia, in Clacton, alongside husband Darren, which has been at the forefront of the cold storage industry for more than 40 years.

Following a public appeal from the Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary, which is struggling due to the pandemic, Paula wanted to help the lessen the pressure.

The sanctuary is run by Carol Jacobs and Martin Bailey and looks after everything from stunning horses and ponies to cheeky goats, but the costs mount up.

The cooling expert and her team have since installed a new £4,000 weather and rodent-proof feed room at the popular animal safe haven free of charge.

“My concern was the sanctuary would never be able to afford something of this quality, if they are struggling with vet, food, and bedding bills,” said Paula.

“We are supporters regardless, and Carol is a remarkable woman of courage and has so much dedication to these beautiful rescue animals.

“It is all rather gloomy and miserable at the moment, and people need more positivity, so this may prompt other businesses to think about how they can help.”

Paula has now partnered with Reedlands Farm Shop, in Little Clacton, which has agreed to receive food and bedding donations on behalf of the sanctuary.

Supporters can purchase the items from the shop for as little as £1, before staff deliver the purchases to the popular animal sanctuary.

Paula added: “I feel that generosity is contagious, as is being positive during these very difficult times.

“The owner of Reedlands is incredibly upbeat and positive about joining in to help and it’s all about keeping people local and supporting local businesses.”

To find out more visit facebook.com/ReedlandsFarmShop or facebook.com/greenlandgroveanimalsanctuary.