A DAUGHTER has rubbished the findings of a care home inspection which resulted in it being placed in special measures.

Vanessa Streete's elderly father, Steve Burke, 75, suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s and is a resident at Blenheim House care home, in Walton.

Following a visit in March from the Care Quality Commission, the home received a rating of 'inadequate' after inspectors discovered shortcomings.

Earlier this week, a new report from a more recent follow-up visit was published, which ruled the facility would need to remain in special measures.

The document acknowledged some improvements had been made but raised concerns regarding the safety and leadership of the overall service.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Vanessa, who lives in Frinton, decided to put her father in the care of Blenheim House when his condition started to rapidly deteriorate.

She has now come out in defence of the home and its workers, in spite of the findings of the CQC's somewhat damning report.

"I have read with depressed irritation and genuine concern the social media frenzy regarding the report," she said.

"Personally, unless they are incredibly sneaky, we cannot fault the care and love my beloved dad is receiving.

"If I thought even for a second that there were issues, I would be exceptionally wordy and very loud about it.

"Blenheim House has been amazing and has our unwavering support and admiration. I could not do what they do for their residents."

Vanessa, who describes her father as her “first love”, also says the home has gone above and beyond on several occasions.

She said: “Dad had a fall, and their staff did not wait the ridiculous three hours for an ambulance, they took him to A&E themselves.

“We met them there, having been informed from the moment of the incident. The staff member with dad the whole time was lovely, and she was fully equipped.

“She was prepared to stay with him had we not been available, even past her shift-end.

“So, to the dedicated staff that remain at Blenheim House, we thank you for giving the amazing and beautiful Stephen the love and support that we are unable to provide him.”