THE following points were raised in a letter sent by the Maldon Society to Maldon District Council regarding the planned temporary pedestrianisation of the High Street:

Permitted Vehicles

n The barricades outside Old Police Station and on Fullbridge will restrict traffic to “buses, taxis & permit holders AB”. Will they be manned?

n Who will have permits?

n The barricade outside Wetherspoons says “buses only”, so presumably any residents or delivery vehicles have to approach from West Square, as it is also “buses only” outside the town hall.

n There is a “buses only” sign at the top of Market Hill, so a delivery driver with goods for the High Street and Market Hill will have to drive all the way round the bypass from one drop-off to the next?

n The sign on Fullbridge says “buses, taxis & permit holders AB”, yet the sign outside the town hall says “buses only”. Why are taxis not permitted through into the High Street?

Problems on Adjoining Roads

n The only route to the Butt Lane car park is along Wantz Road. The road is already congested. The paths are narrow with no provision for social distancing. An accident waiting to happen.

n The only route to exit Butt Lane car park is along Mill Road. Another narrow road that cannot take the increased traffic.

n The only route to the boatyards in Downs Road and North Street will also be along Wantz Road. A boat on a trailer in Wantz Road will be a nightmare.

n The bus “gate” by the entrance to the Prom will become another bottleneck for buses.

n Gate Street will have increased traffic due to the closure of Silver Street next to All Saints’ Church.

n The closure of Silver Street will be a problem for the parents of children at Maldon Court School. They will have to turn round and go back along Gate Street.


n Where are the crossing points? Both pelican crossings are out of use. Where is there a safe crossing place for the elderly, blind, partially sighted, and children? The High Street should not become a “shared” space and a free-for-all with pedestrians risking their lives.

n No thought has been given to bus passengers waiting in the rain as the bus stops have been moved away from the shelters.

n No thought has been given to visitors unable to find the taxi rank in White Horse Lane.

Congestion in the High Street

n No thought has been given to delivery vehicles, large or small, stopping in the narrow road, blocking buses from either direction.

n No thought has been given to Blue Badge holders wanting to visit the bank, for example. Yet another hold-up.

n No thought has been given to ambulances attending to patients taken poorly in the shops.

Other problems

n Along what route will the traffic be directed to the car parks? As Wantz Road is the only way to get to Butt Lane car park, how will the traffic be directed to Wantz Road?

n Visitors like to drive through a town to see if it’s worth parking and enjoying the shops. With the High Street closed they will bypass the town completely. Thus, far from helping the High Street, the diversion will hinder the recovery.

n What happens when the bypass is closed due to an accident or diesel spillage? Where does all the traffic go?

n In the evenings the High Street could become a magnet for youngsters causing mayhem and anti-social behaviour.

This is what should really happen:

n Stop lorries using Market Hill. There is a weight limit of 7.5-ton lorries; that limit should be reduced and the restriction should be enforced.

n The 20mph should be permanently applied and painted on the roads. The 20mph should be extended to Victoria Road, Wantz Road, Mill Road, London Road and Highlands Drive.

n Install a pelican crossing at the top of Market Hill. The trickle of pedestrians over the zebra crossing causes much of the congestion on the hill.

n Maldon District Council is still refusing to open its offices due to “working from home”; when will the council allow the public to park in the deserted compound?

Ms L Wright

On behalf of the Maldon Society