We asked our readers what they thought about the county moving to 'Tier 2' level restrictions.

From today (Saturday, October 17) Essex will be place into the Tier 2 restrictions meaning new tighter rules are in place.

The main difference is people cannot meet with anyone they do not live with indoors unless they are part of a support bubble.

The rule of six applies for socialising outside, and pubs, bars and restaurants have a 10pm curfew.

Some residents were outraged at the decision, with one calling it 'a slap in the face'.

Others were more conflicted are felt it was unfair to the county but necessary in the long run.

Here's what you had to say:

1) "A slap in the face"

"It’s an absolute joke and a slap in the face to the residents of Essex who have done well to keep the rate of infection down.

"The actions of putting Essex into “Tier 2” will finish off most cafes, pubs and restaurants that have already seen takings fall due to winter trade kicking in.

"As a local cafe owner I’m worried for my staff’s jobs and that we could loose everything we have built over the past three years.

"We won’t get any help unless they have plans to give Essex businesses grants with the big wedge of cash they will now receive.

"We will only get help from central government if we are told to close, so no grants or furlough for our staff even then it won’t kick in until 1st of November.

"I’m disgusted at ECC how they have put the whole county into the same measures.

"It’s possible they have put the final nail in the coffin for many hospitality businesses and pushed the unemployment numbers up."

2) "Totally unfair"

"Totally unfair, I work in a supermarket serving hundreds of people weekly come Friday and Saturday night people coming in not wearing masks ,saying they are exempt and laughing once they've got in the shop.

" Then on my day off cant even visit four of my loved ones, how is that even fair."

3) "Remove my income entirely"

"I am conflicted.

"On the one hand, I understand that its to prevent the virus from spreading any faster and is there to keep people safe, but at the same time on a personal level effectively stopping all social gatherings is pretty much going to remove my income entirely.

"Looking at some lean times ahead."

4) "Nothing we can do"

"Nothing we can do about it, our opinions won’t change anything.

"I think it’s a bit sinister, but if it helps us in the long run then so be it."