A FOSTER carer who took a coronavirus test a week ago has branded the process a "waste of time" after still not receiving her results.

June Knight, from Holland-on-Sea, booked herself in for a Covid-19 examination at a drive-in testing site near her home, for last Thursday.

She decided to take a test after her son contracted the virus and she started to feel unwell.

Initially she was told she would have to travel more than 30-miles away to a facility in Ramsgate.

But, after eventually being given a time slot much closer to home, June endured the Covid-19 test with the hope of receiving her results within 48-hours.

According to the NHS website, "most people" get given their results within two days, but it could take up to five days.

One week on, however, frustrated June is still waiting to hear the conclusion and has, therefore, been left in a state of self-isolation limbo.

"People are getting tested, but then getting no results," she fumed.

"I am a foster carer, so I needed to get tested, but still, there has been no results.

"I have called three times but was told there was nothing they could do.

"So, it was a complete waste of time even getting tested and not knowing the results is not good."

June, a foster carer for 22 years, has been self-isolating since her son returned a positive coronavirus test, but fears anyone she may have come into contact before they knew, may have also been exposed.

Still without knowing her own test results, however, June argues there could be people who came into prolonged contact with her who are yet to be notified.

She added: "Seeing as there has been no results yet, there will not be the ability to 'track and trace'.

"So, all the people we came into contact with are still going out, and we wonder why the virus is spreading.

"If we tested positive, and knew about it, they would have isolated.

"We can go back out again soon, but it is crazy and dangerous."