READERS say they do not back plans to put tighter restrictions in place across large parts of Essex.

County Hall will apply to the Secretary of State for Health to be placed into the new ‘High level’ banding of Covid-19 restrictions today.

The move by the county council is somewhat controversial and has understandably left residents with many unanswered questions.

We asked you if you thought Essex should be placed in the 'high' Covid alert level.

In total 1,531 of you responded with 61 per cent saying they did not back the move.

35 per cent said they think the county should be under tighter rules while 4 per cent said they did not know.

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Under the Government's new three-tier lockdown system, which is based on infection rates, Essex is currently in the 'medium' category.

County Hall wants to see areas under their control, the whole county except Southend and Thurrock, moved into the High level category.

Many of the rules are the same as we have now, but some would change.

The move would mean a band on people meeting loved ones indoors, unless they are in your support bubble.

The rule of six must be adhered to outside at all times.

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The county’s Director of Public Health and Wellbeing, Dr Mike Gogarty, has called for tougher restrictions amid concerns about the rise in cases in Essex.

Cases have been steadily on the rise for several weeks now in many areas.

Bosses say the majority of cases are in the younger age groups but rates are now increasing in older age groups as well.

They also say hospital admissions are rising, and deaths are also now being reported.