A CAR crash which "was not nice for anyone to see" resulted in two people needing to be taken to hospital.

Police officers, paramedics, and firefighters were all called to Plough Road, in Great Bentley, on Tuesday morning.

The emergency services had received reports of a crash involving two vehicles which had occurred shortly before 8.45am. 

As a result, two people had to be taken to hospital where they were further assessed and treated for their injuries.

“Two ambulances attended a road traffic collision on Plough Road, in Great Bentley, just before 8.45am," said a spokesman for the ambulance service.

"Two patients were transported to Colchester General Hospital for further examination and treatment.” 

One witness, who was taking her children to school at the time of the accident, found herself stuck in traffic just two cars from the heart of the accident.

As soon as she realised the severity of the car crash - which other locals residents were made aware of after hearing a "loud bang" - she immediately rushed to find help.

Speaking anonymously, she said: "It was not nice for anyone to see, as it was school run time, and the road was blocked.

"I didn't really do much, other than run to the GP surgery and ask them for help. 
"The emergency services were there within ten minutes, but I couldn't not try help."

Essex Police has said no offences were reported but the force's enquiries are ongoing.