A CONCERNED parent has urged bosses at a secondary school to "just shut it down" after more staff members, including teachers, tested positive for coronavirus.

Earlier this week, bosses at Clacton Coastal Academy, in Pathfields, confirmed one of the institution’s employees had contracted Covid-19.

Anyone known to have been in contact with the individual was asked to quarantine for 14 days and a thorough clean of the school was planned.

At the time, a spokesman for the school also stressed that no students were having to self-isolate as a result of the positive test.

Headteacher David Lees has once again contacted parents after four additional staff members, including three teachers, returned positive tests.

One concerned parent, who works with vulnerable people and whose daughter attends Coastal Academy, says the school should be shut down immediately until they can properly control the situation.

Speaking anonymously, he said: "It is just not acceptable, and I feel like I am fighting the school on this.

"I’m a worker for vulnerable people who are a high risk, so, if my child contracts it, and passes it to me, I am then passing it onto vulnerable people who could potentially die.

"How can they really tell me my child is not at risk?

"It is more concerning as well that it is the teachers who are spreading it.

"They are playing with fire in my opinion and need to just shut it down."

In a letter seen by the Gazette, headteacher Mr Lees states that none of the positive individuals have come into 'close contact' with students.

But a further six staff members, with no symptoms, are currently self-isolating, having come into contact with previous colleagues who had tested positive for Covid-19.

As a result of the number of teachers now not working, Year 8 and Year 10 students will now be taught virtually, until they can return to the school on October 19.

"This is being done to ensure the health and safety of pupils," said Mr Lees.

"The academy is doing all it can to remain a safe environment for staff and students."

A spokesman for Clacton Coastal Academy has been contacted for comment.