A NIGHTSPOT “potentially exposed hundreds of people” to Covid-19 by reopening during the pandemic, it is alleged.

Essex Police called for a review of the premises licence for Truth/Pulse, in Marine Parade East, Clacton, after claiming it breached coronavirus restrictions.

The establishment allegedly breached licensing objectives in respect of the prevention of crime and disorder and the designated premises supervisor was found by Essex Police to be in breach of the Covid-19 regulations by operating the site as a nightclub on August 14.

Nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques were prohibited from opening as part of the regulations.

A report said: “This is a criminal offence and one committed by the operators and licence holders of the venue as a calculated act.

“By operating in this fashion they risked potential exposure of hundreds of people via the spreading of coronavirus. Clacton was on the cusp of a local lockdown."

Members of the public and staff from other venues had raised concerns about the club breaching the rules by opening as a nightclub for dancing.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Closed - the club's owners said it will not be reopening yet.

The report added: “Evidence obtained from social media shows the inside of the nightclub very busy, no social distancing and people dancing.”

“Officers attended the venue to share their concerns with staff, after initially denying that there was any issue at the club on Friday, once shown the video, door staff conceded that it was taken from inside the nightclub."

On a further visit to the nightclub on August 15, officers raised concerns over the management of the queue, which was causing an obstruction on the pavement.

Tendring Council’s licensing sub-committee will meet on October 20 to review the licence, which currently allows the sale of alcohol, late-night refreshment and music.

It will decide whether to modify the conditions of the licence, exclude activities, remove the premises supervisor, suspend the licence for up to three months or to revoke it.

Police recommended a series of new conditions including the licence being suspended for three months, the designated premises supervisor being removed from the post, an earlier closing time, and that the provision of off-sales of alcohol be removed from the licence.

A spokesman for Truth/Pulse said: “I feel we are being targeted just to make an example of.

“We only reopened because licensing asked us to to take pressure off other bars.

“I wasn’t there on the Friday night and didn’t see any dancing, but the way the police descended on us the next night, they made me feel like a criminal. We even closed the venue early after that.

“I don’t see how we’ve breached Covid rules based on a 20 second video clip.

“They said we can even reopen, but I’m refusing to now.”