THREE determined family members have successfully completed living off the same rations as a Syrian refugee for a week.

Cheyenne Kadlec, 24, her sister Niki, 23, and cousin Bobbi Howard, 22, all took part in this year’s Ration Challenge.

The challenge involved living off a ration pack for a week to help raise both awareness and money for refugees on their journey to safety.

Ration packs included a small amount of rice, lentils, chickpeas, mackerel and oil to have alongside water.

No spices or flavours were included in the pack - not even salt.

Cheyenne said she wanted to take part in the challenge as she felt angered by the “lack of empathy” displayed by the British public towards asylum seekers and refugees seeking safety crossing the English Channel.

Another reason the trio, who all live in Harwich, signed up for the challenge was because of how hard refugees have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. due to the lack of access to clean water and healthcare provision.

On completing the challenge Cheyenne said: “We were completely overwhelmed by people’s kindness and compassion when supporting us.

“It was certainly tough, the main difficulties were lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and feeling constantly exhausted after long days.”

She added: “It’s only been a small glimpse into life as a refugee.

“I still had the comfort of my home, bed, job, family to support me through this.

“I still had the knowledge that it would end in a week.

“I still had the knowledge myself and my family were safe.

“Although it has been tough in an exhausting way, it’s still nowhere near to understanding those who struggle most.”

Cheyenne said she really enjoyed using the time to learn more about life as a refugee and opening up conversations with others about it.

The women managed to smash their fundraising target of £400, by raising more than £470.

The money raised by them will help provide emergency food, hygiene kits and life-saving support to refugees.

This year’s Ration Challenge ran between September 13 and September 19.

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