A DANGEROUS driver was captured on video footage ramming a parked car into a front garden before cowardly fleeing the scene.

Essex Police were called to York Road, Clacton, at about 5pm, on Tuesday following reports of a car crashing into a stationary vehicle.

Officers were told the driver failed to stop after the incident instead choosing to speed off.

The police are now attempting to locate the driver. A spokesman has reported no injuries were sustained.

Couple David and Jan Reynolds, however, believe the smash was seconds away from potentially being fatal.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

The 69-year-olds, who have lived in York Road for four years, heard a loud bang as the car pushed through their garden.

They said their 97-year-old neighbour had walked by moments before.

“It just missed her and they could have killed the poor woman, but she does not want to go like that, does she?” said David.

“You do get a lot of cars speeding up and down here but someone could have just lost control.

“It must have been going reasonably quick for it to be able to have hit the car with that much force that it then shifted it through our fence.

“We are lucky because behind the fence we have an established hedge, which stopped the car from coming into the garden.

“I just could not believe what had happened and I am really surprised nobody got injured.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

According to David, officers attended the scene within minutes and pushed the crippled car back on to the side of the kerb, where it remains.

David now wants to raise awareness of the incident in the hope those responsible will come forward and face up to what they did.

He added: “I am hoping highlighting this might jog someone’s conscience and make them come forward.

“They are obviously scared, that is why they drove off.

“But someone could have been walking there.

“We get children and elderly people around here and they could have been hit.”