CARE home residents have been having a wild time this week – on safari in the home’s grounds.

Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, in Stisted, has been unable to take residents on trips because of the pandemic.

Now staff have come up with a way to have outdoor fun without leaving the home.

They created a safari ride in the extensive gardens, complete with a buggy and life-size pictures of wild animals to spot amongst the trees.

Manager Aggie McDonald said: “We thought hard about what we could do to offer some safe outdoor fun and adventure for our residents.

“Our grounds are huge, so one of our staff had the idea of creating a safari.

“Our residents absolutely love going out in our new safari truck, so much so that we are introducing it into our weekly routine.

“As well as ensuring they get out in the fresh air, it has proved to be a powerful sensory experience, triggering happy memories and prompting lots of lively conversation.”

A golf cart has been converted into a safari shuttle.

Resident Eileen Sims said: “It’s been a lot of fun going out in the safari truck to get some fresh air.”