COUNCILLORS are considering raising the town's parking issues with authorities after receiving numerous complaints from residents.

Halstead Town Council says it has been sent a large amount of complaints from Halstead residents about problems with parking in the town.

Residents have been left frustrated with many complaining about cars parking on pavements, parking on verges, parking in front of driveways and a lack of double yellow lines in the town.

There are also fears over the future parking situation and availability of parking with housing projects in the town potentially bringing more residents to the area.

Now the town council is considering raising awareness of the issues to Highways and parking authorities such as the North Essex Parking Partnership.

A Halstead Town Council spokesman said: "Over the past few months, large numbers of parking issues have been raised by residents.

"These include parking on pavements, on verges, across drives, the lack of double yellow lines and more.

"It is now felt that the council should engage with Highways and the parking agencies, and organise specific meetings with each agency to discuss the parking issues in Halstead."

Before moving ahead with any talks, the council are first going to vote in today's (Monday 14 September) council meeting.

The recommendation set out in a pre-meeting agenda report suggests that the council should vote in favour of taking up the issues with the relevant authorities.

The aims of any talks would be to address the current parking situation in the town which many have found issue with.

Ways of addressing the parking situation could include increased monitoring or even a push for more parking spaces.