A BIG-HEARTED homeless man in Halstead is set to take on a 24-hour bike ride for charity.

Bob Oath, 32, has been staying at the Dorrington Hotel in the town during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He gained a reputation in the town after selflessly cleaning up nearly 100 bags of dumped trash left behind in a field just off Box Mill Lane by a travelling group.

The rubbish took days to clear up but Bob said the mass clean up was a way of thanking Halstead and its people for their hospitality.

After arriving in Halstead with just 40p in his pocket, Bob put out an appeal for help and residents responded with food, clothing and kitchenware.

Now Bob, who has been homeless for more than eight years and suffers from cluster headaches and severe migraines making finding work a struggle, is set to take on a 24 hour bike ride challenge.

An avid BMX rider, Bob's ride is taking place to raise money for the Royal British Legion and Oath, a homeless charity he started.

Of the proceeds, 80 per cent will go to the legion while 20 per cent will go to Oath.

The ride will set off from Halstead Public Gardens at noon on Sunday before finishing at the Dorrington Hotel across the road 24 hours later.

During the challenge, Bob will be riding around the town but won't be able to get off the bike for the duration of the ride.

He also plans to maybe perform a few challenges while riding such as playing a guitar.

Bob has sponsorship sheets around the town and in the Dorrington for people to donate and has a target of around £800.

He said: “The Royal British Legion means a lot to me as my dad was in the army and he nearly lost his club back in Wales because of Covid and the costs.

“It just felt like a good cause to do this for.’

After the ride, Bob will be hosting a gathering at the Dorrington for people see him finish the challenge, have a few drinks and take final donations.